We do service production for brands you’ve actually heard of. We know what matters.

Kolibri Productions is a company that offers production services in Spain. We put everything at your disposal to realise your commercials, feature films, series, music videos or photography productions. In short, we are video and photography producers, who carry out the work for you. We shoot at the locations that suit your shoot best.

One of our main goals is to make things easy for you and not to worry about anything from the moment you come and just focus on your production and the crew you came with and leave the rest to us. Read more

The video producer is the one in charge of the production of the film, commercial or series.

They are creatives, working close to the client. To be a video producer you have to know how to make the right decisions. As most of the work falls on their shoulders and they are in charge of the audiovisual team behind them. Read more

Our Producers and Line Producers adapt the budgets and optimize them as much as possible in dialogue with you in order to cover your needs in quality and budget. We directly dive into planning and follow the process in PPM and anything else requested.

We normally work in Excel and MMB depending on project type and size. We have knowledge in Movie Magic  Budgeting and Scheduling, finance and PO software.

We also do budgets and script breakdowns for film and series productions for Spain and Scandinavia. Not only the actual shooting assignments, no strings attached.


Our network includes talented Line Producers, Producers, Head of Productions and other local crews in all regions of  Spain. The majority of our film workers are freelance. We offer domestic and international crews to give balance and equal opportunities for every production.

Our domestic crews have long international experience and are well trained from mainland Spain, Mallorca, Tenerife and  Gran Canaria. This means we can offer local professional in most regions of Spain. Some are bi / multilingual and speak Spanish, English, German, French and Italian.

We’ve chosen to focus on our Service Production and do not rep Directors, DOPs or other Head of Departments.  Although we are very well connected in the field from north, central, south of Europe, to the Americas and of course Spain.


During this unprecedented global pandemic, we ensure to strictly follow the detailed guidelines required to ensure a safe work environment for our clients and crew. Ensuring a consistent workflow with no risk of contagion.

Several productions have been shot in Spain during the pandemic with fantastic results. A positive effect of the pandemic has been simplified and shortened permit processing in many local governments, leading to calmer shoots due to curfews. Moreover, the range to negotiate locations has increased. 

An alternative way across the globe is now to work with Remote Online Live Broadcast solutions. This way of working has been run with success since June 2020.  

We gladly inform you more on this matter. Contact us for a meeting and we will tell you more about local solutions during COVID. 

To know more about the Guidelines we follow, download this PDF from the APCP association in Spain.

Our strong network of Cast and Casting Directors covers all of Spain. Agencies in Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Mallorca, Tenerife and Gran Canaria. For commercial shoots we have a  wide range of looks on people and backgrounds to offer regardless of the level of experience for Models, Actors,  Featured and Background extras. By request, we offer full buyout solutions.  

The Casting Directors we work with have done small to big works for Warner, Sony, Netflix, Amazon studios and much more. The Cast we normally offer is based in Spain. Some of our Casting Directors and Agencies are aligned with other companies in North Africa, the middle east, UK, France and Germany.



Our aim is to make things easy for you. We partner with the very best tech suppliers in Spain offering camera, lighting and grip equipment all the way to cranes, drones, stabilising systems or other remote equipment needs. The tech solutions are unlimited whilst costs are moderate.

As coming from  Scandinavia we also offer equipment from Sweden as easy as it would be from Spain. We bring our advanced technology equipment normally from Madrid, Barcelona and other European countries. The costs are carefully gone through together.


Happy stomachs are a big deal for us, we consider it highly important to offer good catering and excellent nutritional. We take this part seriously as the rest of the production.

We choose to work with film-friendly and film experienced catering companies. We make sure your special requirements are followed and any kind of food restrictions are respected. 


Spain is a large country with endlessly diverse locations available. We can reach terrain within one hour from our basecamp. Spain is extremely rich in historical architecture, varying cityscapes. The seascapes vary from the Mediterranean as the way through Caribbean looking beaches. Forrest too can imitate Northern and Southern Europe easily and even areas that can cover South American terrains.

The Irish looking green landscapes found in the north, to dry rocky and Sahara sand deserts. The country also has a wide selection of small to big, simple to modern studios and hangars where to build your set. Get inspired and click here to reach our location references.


Incentives apply on service, co-, and domestic productions. Within the legal framework of the EU, Spain and the Canaries REF regulations were upgraded on May 6th 2020. We now offer up to 30% rebate in Spain except for the Canary Islands with 50%. Navarre offers 35%, unchanged since 2018.

Rebates apply to productions with a minimum 2 000 000 € total budget, a minimum spend of 1 000 000 €, capped at 18 000 000 € in the Canary Islands and 10 000 000 € in rest of Spain. With 17 years in production and 5 years in service production, we offer considerable expertise in this area, well-experienced lawyers and tax advisors who can help through the maze of laws in a calm and controlled manner.

As well we offer to consult and guiding for bridge financing your production with the major companies in the field in Spain and internationally. We happily explain this closer or help you with these parts with no strings attached.

Being a member of ICAA “The Spanish institute of cinematography and audiovisual arts” We fulfil the Legal Framework which entitles us to apply for Tax Credit in connection with production service and co-production.


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