Production service in Spain, a place rich in environmental diversity.

Introduction of production service in Spain

Kolibri Productions is a company that offers production services in Spain. We put everything at your disposal to realise your commercials, feature films, series, music videos or photography productions. In short, we are video and photography producers, who carry out the work for you. We shoot at the locations that suit your shoot best.

One of our main goals is to make things easy for you and not to worry about anything from the moment you come and just focus on your production and the crew you came with and leave the rest to us.

We are very used of getting involved from early pre-production, developing or funding stage due to our Production experience which difference a bit from the regular service production. As we see it – A strong advantage difference us from our service production companies.

Why have we chosen to do production service in Spain?

Spain is a country with a wide range of landscapes. The variety of locations reminds of several other parts of the world found in Spain. Visually we bring you to Africa, north, central and south America, Asia. That is why many international foreign companies, such as IKEA, Mc Donald’s, HM, LIDL and many more contact us.  It offers as well of the world’s most attractive tax incentives for Film and Series Production.

Our Locations and Studios

What type of location do you need? Spain is extremely rich in historical architecture and varied urban landscapes. If you are looking for seascapes, in Spain you can find everything from the Mediterranean to Caribbean beaches. White sandy beautiful beaches to black lava beaches or as rocky beaches. We have mystical and magic forest to pine woods and much more. These green forests which are typical to find in northern as southern Europe, and in south American, India or even Australia. To be more exact; From our green meadow landscapes that you can find in the north of Spain, to our Sahara like deserts found in Andalucía and Gran Canarias as well a part of the beach in the Balearic Islands has some dunes.

Our production service in Spain also offers a wide selection of studios from small to large studios in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca and more. From small to large and from simple to modern, in which to build your set. We also have outdoor space to build your sets. Close to actual locations, studios or hangars. We also highlight the fact that in Spain, you will be able to find different locations which takes you to different places in the world just in one country. This saves you money and time, makes things faster, quicker than travelling around the globe. We can reach our locations, fields, forests, beaches or modern to urban cities and even medieval villages in less than an hour from our base camp. Last but not least our fantastic countryside and vineyards in many places in Spain that shares the same beauty as in Italy, France and the Mediterranean.

In addition to all advantages explained above the good weather is one of the main keys when deciding where you are traveling to shoot. The temperature and hours of sunshine throughout the year make it possible to shoot Spring, summer, autumn and winter. In Valencia you have most sun hours in Spain and in the rest of the country we you can film your summer campaigns during winter and spring. The fields and nature are green and beautiful during this time a year and some other parts offer this all year around while other places have a more desert like nature as well all year around.

Our Production Crew in Spain

Kolibri has a wide network of line producers, producers, and production managers, as well as an extensive selection of local crew that you can count on in most regions of Spain. Today Spain offers professional crew in many parts of Spain and we travel crew nationally and internationally. We have directors, Directors of Photography, Production Designers, Make Up Artists and stylists on all types of levels.

High end shoots to a smaller size or even fixer jobs as photo campaigns. 

In general, we like to keep developing ourselves and our crew, we believe in growing experience. Therefore, we offer national and international crew in our shoots quite often to provide a balance and equal opportunities for each production as well as reach greater results.

Our national crew have experience both nationally and internationally and is well trained. They are mostly based in mainland Spain as for the bigger cities Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, and on the islands of Mallorca, Tenerife and Gran Canaria. This means that we can offer local professionals in most regions of Spain. Some are bi/multilingual and speak Spanish, English, German, French and Italian.

Over the last 24 years, our CEO and our Producers have created a strong network of Film and commercial directors, directors of photography, production designers, editors and other head of departments. We have chosen to focus on our production service in Spain and therefore have not represented this type of crew. Although during the last years the request has grown very much and we have now offered many times in our ballparks full solutions including directors, directors of photography, production designers and sometimes editors. Depending on the client’s needs this crew has been abroad from Spain.

Such goes for Casting directors. Our casting directors offer award-winning actors and models to newcomers. All types of range prices. If you are interested ask us for more information.

Many times, we get involved in early pre-production to help our clients sort out Head of departments and Casting for their productions.

Technical equipment, nationally and internationally

We corporate with leading and most popular technical suppliers/providers in Spain, north Europe, France, Germany and England. This allows us to provide you with the exact equipment you wish to use for your film or stills shoot. And when you need to get down in budget, we will provide you with optional equipment and solutions in order to stay slim.

Some of the film cameras we have used are Arri Alexa, mini, SXT, LF, Amira, Red Monstro 8k, Red V-Raptor 8k, Sony FX6,9, Canon C300 MKIII, Red Gemini, Helium. Highspeed cameras mostly Phantom FLEX and offering as well Photron from abroad. Panasonic, Panavision, Panaflex, millennium, platinum, 35mm, 16mm. Odysse.

Lenses from the HAWK series, COOKE S4, 5, UP, MP, HP. Anamorphic Zeiss and vintage, Spherical lenses. Angeniuex, Openhimer, Canon, wide angle, Arri macro, Leitz macro,, Macro Zeiss and FUJI. KOWA.


Stations and data wrangler stations of different types.

Video assist to ease your experience and needs is sometimes done with QTAKE to PIX recorder. QTAKE is the preferred tool of many professional video assists around the globe in our modern time. Instant record and playback, powerful clip database, real-time imagine processing, composite, intuitive editing multi-camera support, stereoscopy, camera meta date. These are just a few features that make QTAKE the future proof choice for industry professionals. QTAKE can record HDR 10-bit images, apply VFX, colour correct them and output them. Ask us to know more.

Our camera, light and grip equipment are mostly rented from the closest shooting locations. We have also the internal know-how about equipment and therefore it’s a big help for you when we need to have the chat with your DOP, gaffer or director.  We love this stuff!

We can offer Camera cars, Russian arms, Scorpio arms, Low loaders, Techno cranes, QTAKE systems and much more. Drones, stabilisation systems, remote equipment and much more!

Our solutions are unlimited and we always adjust them to your needs in order to offer you the best service to get your perfect results.

The costs are carefully considered.


Dollies: Fisher 11, 10, Pewee, Falcon, Panther, Ronford sliders 35-72”, tango roller.

Cranes: Telescope cranes techno cranes, super techno cranes 15, 30, 50, Scorpio cranes.

Camera car/vehicle mounted cranes. Car mounts. Sliders. Dollies.  Tracks Remote.

Camera car in Spain: The camera car system with a gyroscopic crane and Motocrane Ultra stabilization has a length of 12 ft from the point where it is held. It can be used with camera stabilized heads from different brands like Movi XL and Movi pro, Shotover G1, Arri SRH-3, DJI Ronin2, and Flighthead mini (any Mitchell mount). The camera car system, Motocrane Ultra is composed of the following accessories.
Base, turret, crane, Iso and fairing. Motocrane Ultra can be transported in 5 cases inside one vehicle.

Lights and Stabilizers

Some of the brands and lamps we are familiar with are Arri HMI and ARRI Fresnel. Arri M90, M40, M18, 12, and more. StudioT12, T24, Junior 5000W, 2000W and more. Celebs KINO FLO’s. Kino sky panels, blank lite. Dado lights. Brands such as Arri, Kino flo, Rescro, Astera, Alumiere, Cineo, Bries Tungsten, and stabilizers we have MÖVI, MOVI PRO. DJ RONIN, Easyrig vario. Gimbals and much more.

On photoshoots, we normally work with Camera bodies such as Canon 1, 3, 5D. Nikon, Sony and Canon, Polaroid. Canon and Nikon lenses mostly. Profoto systems to light up and much more. Some of the renting companies we work with are Service vision Barcelona, Loclum, Ovide, Cinesupport, Camaleon Madrid and Canaries, Ljud & Bild Media Sweden, Palma equipment rental, MN studios and more.

Do you offer catering services?

Catering stands close to our hearts. We believe a happy stomach results in happy clients and crew. We take food as seriously as the rest of the production. We work with catering companies who are experts in the world of cinema and who adjust to yours and our needs and dietary restrictions by offering quality products, while maintaining excellent nutrition.

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