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Introduction of the production company

Whether you have a business or a pending marketing idea, product promotion and you want to make it known. One of the best ideas you can come up with is the production of a video or stills campaign.

The approach to film and video production is different depending on the type of video and the purpose you want to achieve with your video production. We can find different modalities such as:

  • Commercials
  • Reports / Series
  • Music videos

If you don’t know what kind of video you need, contact us and we will advise you to get the result you are looking for today.

Video Producer

Some of the producers’ responsibilities are to be in charge of the elaboration of the long format, commercial/advertisement, music video or any other audio-visual element whose objective is to communicate something, to make something known or even to entertain. He or she has complete control over budget, and is a creative person who also is closest to the client, the one who communicates the idea in a simple and direct way to the client.


At Kolibri we take into account each of the aspects you need to make the best commercial or video production, therefore, we put at your disposal, the staff is carefully chosen according to your needs and the type of video you need to produce, obtaining the best results.

How does our production company work and how is our video production process?

Kolibri does all the hard work for you, making the whole process as user-friendly as possible. To do this, we have developed an effective and easy to follow system for the entire video production process, which also allows the user to participate in the decisions and results, detailing each of the ideas you have in mind.

This process has a series of stages where the user can participate.

1. Analysis of the strategy to follow

In this first phase of contracting our video production company, it is an initial contact where you tell us about your company, what idea you have and how you would like to develop it. Next, we analyse the sector and study the competition, how they do it and what measures they are developing. Then we define the type of video and content we are going to make and we define what we want to transmit.

2. Pre-production of the video

In the video pre-production process, the strategy to be followed, analysed in phase one, is put together with the creative model, contributing ideas, both in the scripts and in the different shots to be taken. In addition, the casting, the calendar and programme of tasks, the planning and the resources and budget of the project are gathered.

3. Video production

This stage is the one that takes the most time. Once the whole process has been planned, the filming phase arrives. The video recording process begins, where the filming takes place. To do this, an endless number of elements are set in motion, such as make-up, hairdressing, rehearsal area, sound, photography, technological equipment such as drones and cameras…

4. Post-production

The post-production phase is the moment when everything makes sense, the magic happens, images, sounds, music and effects are mixed so that the video manages to transmit what we planned in the first phase. For this, the specialists in video and sound editing work together to ensure that all the previous

work results in a video of the highest quality.

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